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The Mirror’s Image Custom Etching and Framing, L.L.C. is a unique shop specializing in the custom etching of portraits and other images onto glass mirrors. The stunning end result is a unique way to remember weddings, anniversaries, graduations, remembrances, or any occasion, person, place or thing with class. Virtually any photograph can be adapted for etching, making the possibilities endless. We no of no other shop in the world where this service is available.

The business was organized on June 1st of 2007 and opened its doors on July 7th of 2007 at 229 Spruce Street in the heart of historic downtown Morgantown West Virginia.

About the technique
Glass etching, nor mirror etching, is hardly a new technique. In earlier times, a glass surface was first coated with a layer of wax. The artist then removed portions of the wax in a specific pattern. When dipped in liquid hydroflouric acid, the exposed glass surfaces were partially dissolved, leaving a permanent frosted appearance. Though liquid acid etching is still used, safety considerations have resulted in alternatives such as Armour Etch TM, a paste made of sodium fluoride and ammonium bifluoride which can be ‘painted’ on and then rinsed off after a short term. In principle, the technique Rob uses is similar. Instead of removing a wax coating however, a template is created out of contact paper and placed as a ‘mask’ over the desired glass or mirror.

About the proprietor
Robert Haining is a former assistant professor with West Virginia University with degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry. After several years of teaching and research, Rob decided to make a radical departure from his normal routine when he almost inadvertently stumbled across a way to put life-like images onto glass mirrors in an apparently unique fashion. With enough encouragement from friends, family, and total strangers, combined with the opportunity to begin from an existing picture framing business, Rob decided to launch The Mirror’s Image. Though radical in departure from routine, the opportunity to work again with his hands was highly appealing; being what drew him to scientific research in the first place. Acid-etching is after all, a chemical process. And hardly a stranger to picture framing, Rob grew up making canvas stretchers of his father’s design for his Mother’s artistic endeavors. Some of his earliest works can still be seen hanging on our wall today. We think you’ll agree that combined with the mastery of mirror etching, the end result is magnificent. Please stop by our shop if ever you are in the Morgantown area.






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