Mirror etching and portraiture  
Here are some examples from our showroom....

Glass etching is hardly a new technique. But we hope you'll agree that we've pushed the envelope of it's capabilities!  Traditionally, a glass surface was first coated with a layer of wax.  The artist then removed portions of the wax in a specific pattern. When dipped in liquid hydroflouric acid, the exposed glass surfaces were partially dissolved, leaving a permanent frosted appearance. In principle, the technique we use is similar.  However, instead of removing a wax coating, a template is created out of contact paper and placed as a ‘mask’ over the desired glass or mirror. Though liquid acid etching is still used, safety considerations have resulted in alternatives such as Armour Etch TM, a paste made of sodium fluoride and ammonium bifluoride which can be ‘painted’ on and then rinsed off after a short term.

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